About Welt Concept

Full-service eCommerce and Digital agency which provides the complete services and solutions.

Every time when I was started to make an eCommerce website, I face a major challenge of trying to have every piece "branding, design, development, features and functionality" together into the one service. First of all, I needed a designer to make my branding, after that another designer to create my store design and at the end but not at least a development company or team to build my project. I've spent countless hours to combine all those and to find a solution which will help me and will take off of my shoulders the headache from the complete process, but never seemed to have all those together - says, Alin Tepes Co-Founder - Welt Concept Digital Solutions.

Welt Concept was started because we wanted to provide complete solutions that allow a business like yours to have an appealing modern design, user-friendly, important functionalities and to be up-to-date with the industry. As a result, we have build Welt Concept which provides the complete services for your project, from the concept to the maintenance of your store. In this way, you are far away from multiple headaches for the complete process and you can concentrate yourself the complete attention to the customer's needs.

About Welt Concept

Who we are

We are a team of designers, developers, strategists and marketers who identify problems and provide solutions. The Welt Concept is built on competence, integrity and innovation, so when you talk with one of our members you will sense that something is different.

We are dedicated to your project and needs from the quotation to the support, maintenance and beyond. Our experts will always be friendly and honest with you, searching and finding the perfect solutions for your needs.

Our impact

We do not just build your website and that's all. We also make a partnership with companies to develop continuously their projects and take care to grow the rate, frequency and quality of conversions. At Welt Concept, we understand that now the digital impression matter more than ever. We are very passionate about what we make and about helping our clients achieve their goals with the creation of unique web presence and increase lead generation with memorable user experiences. We live and breathe technology and when our clients win, we win.

Whether you come on board, for a collaboration with us, for one service or require a complete digital solution, we have the process in place to build dynamic and integrated web projects that drive your business forward.