Shopware - the key to success for your big or small online shop!

Shopware - the key to success

Shopware design and development is our passion

Shopware design and development is our passion
Creating professional online shops with Shopware is a pleasure for us, specially while we have been working with Shopware for many years. The current version Shopware 6 is one of the most powerful, future-oriented and user-friendly shopping platforms on the market. We develop your Shopware platform specifically according to your needs and create a design that fits you perfectly.

Shopware - customized solutions

If you need a customized solutions for your business, then you have come to the right place. Within Shopware, we develop exactly the solutions you need for your business model.

Our developers have many years of experience with Shopware and this ensures that your platform gets exactly the extensions you need.

Shopware - customized solutions
Shopware development by professionals

Shopware development by professionals

Our team of experts find and develops solutions that suit you the best. We create complex plugins and expand the functionality of the platform and always pay attention to good performance and that the code is geared towards the future.

In this way you can understand that we can do anything for your project and in a personal conversation we can go into details and discuss your project.

Shopware - professional support from our team

Even if every detail is calculated during development, problems can arise. Regardless of whether it is about the Shopware Software functions or whether there are technical problems, we are at your side and help you.

Shopware - professional support from our team

The advantages of Shopware

In comparison to many other shop solutions, there are no running costs for the Shopware software.
So you get an online shop without burdening your monthly budget.
Shopware complies with all security standards
Shopware was developed in such a way that all legal templates for e-commerce are complied with or even significantly exceeded. So you can be sure that you and your customers have a secure platform.
Shopware is constantly being developed
The system was developed in Germany and enthusiastic people work every day to improve it further. So you can be sure that your Shopware system is always up to date.
Shopware is sociable
The software can be connected to online or local systems via many different interfaces. So it is easily possible to connect Shopware with an existing ERP system.
Shopware ensures satisfied customers
With a clear and above all intuitive structure, shopping in your shop is redefined for your customers. Due to the simple structure, customers stay longer in the shop and the average shopping cart content increases.

Why Shopware is the right shop system for you

Shopware has been on the market for many years and has conquered the world of e-commerce with more than 60,000 satisfied customers.

Intuitive backend

The backend (administration area) is easy to use. After a short training period, you can operate all rudimentary functions safely and quickly. Shopware has integrated an powerful content management system (CMS) into the software, so that the creation of texts or blogs can be carried out quickly and easily.

Modern templates

Shopware offers a large selection of modern templates. They are all responsive and can be adjusted quickly and easily using the integrated editor. Even if you buy a template, special adjustments can be also made in the shop for your needs. In this way, elements and content can be changed quickly and specifically. This saves you time and money.

Shopware intuitive backend

Shopware has reserves

Even if your shop has already listed a large number of products, Shopware is far from the limit. The software was designed during the development phase so that it can easily manage large quantities of products. In this way, other products or product variants can be added flexibly and quickly or adapted to the current situation.

Shopware analysis tool

Shopware analysis tool

Shopware has already integrated a powerful analysis tool. With this analysis tool you can perfectly analyze your customers' buying behavior. For example, it is possible to track abandoned purchases in such a way that you know exactly where they occurred. This enables you to recognize trends and to counteract them accordingly.

Integrated sales promotion

With the integrated affiliate system, Shopware has created a sophisticated system that rewards your partner websites. This way you can set which partners benefit from the sales on your platform. A voucher system is also integrated that you can use perfectly for sales promotion. So it is possible to determine exactly how many vouchers are valid, for what value and over what period.

Migration, Installation & Maintenance

Once you have decided to use Shopware as a platform for your business online store, there are more steps than hosting, you need to make to have it functional. If you do not know how to do it or simply do not have the necessary time for it, let‘s discuss and we have the right additional services for you.

Migration - If you are using Shopware 5, Magento, Shopify, Cs-Cart or any other eCommerce platform we can migrate it to a brand new Shopware 6 site!

Installation - if you need help with one or multiple Shopware installations and setup, do not hesitate to contact us in order to benefit from a professional Shopware installation according to Shopware best practices.

Maintenance - the day to day maintenance of a Shopware store involves a myriad of tasks. When you outsource the Shopware shop maintenance task to us, we ensure that your website is well-managed, optimized and updated at regular intervals.

Migration, Installation & Maintenance

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